Who We Are?

who we are

Welcome to SoniePlast, We are a leading plastic bottle/container manufacturer based in the Indore, Madhya Pradesh specializes in premium plastic containers and bottles that are made from high grade industrial plastic that ensures durability and strength our containers.

We specialise in the manufacture of HDPE/LDPE and Poly Propylene bottle/containers up to 2 litres in capacity. We produce an existing range of bottle from our own moulds and also produce bottles from customer owned moulds. We are actively involved in the business of manufacturing and exporting of Plastic Containers like Plastic Dropper Bottles, Plastic Cosmetic Containers, Plastic Tablet Container, Rib Plastic Containers, Specialty Containers, Homeopathic Bottles, Shampoo Bottles, Plastic Ink Bottles, Plastic Oil Bottle, Plastic Urine Containers and many more. The above mentioned wide range of our plastic containers has been designed by expert engineers and designers after, through study of the varied needs our esteemed clients. Our plastic bottles and cosmetic containers ensure reliable packaging of different kinds of products with easy and efficiency. 

Extraordinary Experiences

Our production facility is renowned for its quality assured standards and making sure orders are delivered on time. We produce products that are reliable and work with your brand and product ideas, across the globe.

We understand the process of designing your product. This includes labels, Cad models, Blue Prints, Patents and brand guidelines. We can take your idea and make it come alive from concept to market.

Our Core Values

Maintaining Superior, luxurious and high performance products.